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BLOG | ‘Burn a Quran Day’ is Un-American

Huffington Post has written an article about Pastor Terry Jones of the evangelical Dove World Outreach Center who plans to go through with his plan for a Quran-burning bonfire on September 11.

This is an extremely heartbreaking story for me. Although I’m not religious, I’m still affected by how cruel and offensive this event is. I can’t even imagine what’s it like for Muslims around the world who are going to be witnessing the desecration of their holy Quran. Jones is basically undoing all the hard work and effort other people have put into bettering religious and cultural relations.

The fact that it’s causing so much pain to the point where Jones’ fellow Christians are protesting and he feels the need to carry a gun (Not exactly a martyr thing to do) calls to the question of why he wants to continue spreading hate. Jones and his followers can’t seem to see the situation in a different light — I mean, he wouldn’t like it if Muslims or anyone else burned the Bible. I’m also saddened by how many people are supporting this bonfire and the obvious anti-Islamic agenda taking place. There’s so many levels of wrongness going on.

This whole act of revenge against what happened on 9/11 isn’t going to help anyone. It certainly won’t make the world a happier place and everyone else, especially Jones, certainly won’t feel any safer.

UPDATE: Thankfully, the event has been canceled.

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