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Benefits of M.B.A. attract new prospects

According to the M.B.A. faculty, a master in business administration might help students get the edge in an increasingly competitive job market.

The M.B.A. department of Mills College held an open house on Oct. 30 in order to attract and inform prospective students interested in the relatively new M.B.A. program.

“The job market is not so attractive,” said professor of economics Roger Sparks.

“It is a good time to come back to school,” he said.

Sparks and Siobhan Reilly, also an economics professor, told students the factors they thought were important when pursuing a masters degree.

The open house held at the Old Children’s School featured a discussion, which highlighted the benefits of getting an M.B.A. Among the perks mentioned was the potential for career advancement and a higher salary.

According to M.B.A. program director Nancy Thornborrow, the combination of these advantages and Mills’ reasonable tuition, combined with small classes and excellent faculty, sufficiently prepare all graduates for a competitive job market.

“We are trying to give prospective students an opportunity to find out about the program,” Thornborrow.

Past and current M.B.A. students were also present to offer their perspectives on the program.

“The most valuable aspect to the M.B.A. program was my ability to complete it in one year,” said M.B.A. graduate Ramona Smith.

“I didn’t have to leave the work force for a significant amount of time in order to get my degree.”

“I am extremely happy with the M.B.A. program and my expectations have been exceeded,” said M.B.A. student Laurel Woods.”I’m thrilled with the professors and the group consists of diverse and creative people.”

Currently the program has 12 students and according to Woods they hope to expand to 50 students in the future.

The department has also focused its attention on attracting more men to the program since it consists entirely of women at the moment.

As a pioneer in women’s education, Mills is the first women’s college in the country to offer it’s students an M.B.A. Mills is also one of the few private colleges to offer a 4+1 M.B.A. program.