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Posts published by “Phillipe Cunningham and Ashley Guillory”

Some red lipsticks may contain lead

Red lipsticks from several popular cosmetic brands may contain hazardous levels of lead, say groups like Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, who is pushing for federal regulations of cosmetic ingredients by the Food and Drug Administration.

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics investigated and found potentially dangerous ingredients in many major lipstick brands, especially the lead content.

Mills upgrades technology with new e-mail system

We live in a modern age and for the most part, Mills College has tried to keep its technology up-to-date. Our new Life Sciences Building, for example, includes advancements like solar panels and Public Safety recently installed security devices such as the blue light warning systems in Richard's parking lot.

Speaker insensitive in Darfur presentation

On Sunday, Nov. 4, we attended a presentation on Darfur in the Student Union called "Speak Out: stopping sexual violence against women as a tactic of war." Expecting to hear about violence against women in Darfur, we were shocked by the cultural insensitivity of the presentation.

Mills professor barred from the U.S., the campus fights for her return

When Mills music professor Nalini Ghuman was barred from re-entering the U.S., the campus administration rallied for her rights. Students asked why the College did not release information campus-wide until a year after the incident. A Sept. 17 article from the New York Times reported the incident details.