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Posts published by “Daniella Pineda, senior”

Communication to ease campus tensions

Racial tensions..

. on our campus. Is your guard up? Blood moving? Good, now hear me out girlfriend, before you go and burn my newspaper down!

As a commentator, I wanted to share with you some advice I've learned to accept over the past couple years. This column actually refers to all campus tensions, including racial ones at Mills.

American obesity begins in childhood

Obesity is as American as the stripes on our flag. These colors never run, because last time I checked, running is really hard. And that's not what we Americans are about. No, we Americans want that Oreo milkshake so bad, we will use every fiber of our lungs to defy viscosity, and suck that straw so hard, we will suffocate and die, right there on the Jack in the Box floor.