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Posts published by “Brenna Smith”

Café serves vegan food at meaty prices

Café Gratitude is an organic vegan restaurant with locations in North Berkeley and San Francisco that serves a variety of juices, smoothies, salads, entrees and desserts, all with names like "I am Luscious" to inspire positivity in diners.

Servers ask a question of the day like, "Who in your life could you love up?" The classic question printed on all their bowls and plates, "What are you grateful for?"

Most of the tables are communal, so a couple or two will share a large table with another person or group.

Unique campus oddities explained

With a thorough walk through Mills College, it becomes apparent that there are a few interesting features to this campus. The long history of the college combined with a multitude of forested areas perfect for hiding unique sites and unusual artifacts makes this campus a goldmine.

First in a series gives guide to city’s best bakeries

Got a sweet tooth? Or love the taste of freshly baked bread? This is the first column looking at some of the great bakeries that Oakland has to offer.

La Farine

3411 Fruitvale Ave., Oakland, in the Dimond District, across the street from Farmer Joe's.

Ash Wednesday

The Mills Chapel was filled with golden mid-day light as the warm sound of calm cello music, played by Mills College student Devon Thrumstron, ushered people in for the special lunch-time Ash Wednesday service that took place on Feb. 25.

The service included a reading from Isaiah about generosity, singing, and the ritual of lighting candles for individual silent prayers.

Eucalyptus trees disappear from Mills campus

The fragrant Eucalyptus trees, with their towering trunks covered in strips of pale light-reflecting bark create a unique, tranquil forest environment in the center of busy Oakland, which is probably part of what lured some students to Mills College in the first place.

Student teacher infuses fitness, humor into each class

It is 8:55 a.m. on a Wednesday. The lovely and quirky Kate Burton, a graduate dance student at Mills, is sitting with amazing posture at a table, sipping water, waiting for class to begin. Liz Sexe, another second-year grad student in the dance department, exuberantly bounds into the classroom.