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ATM troubles

We are tired of having to harass the student store employees for a paltry five dollars. We are tired of buying whole booklets of stamps just to get some cash to have a sandwich. More importantly, the book store and post office employees are tired of our desperate ploys for cash.

We need an ATM.

It is ridiculous to make us beg at the bookstore. It is unrealistic to send us to cash a check with the cashier-more students carry Visa check cards these days than checkbooks.

When the campus ATM was lost to vandalism last year, there was talk of replacing it. Unfortunately, the inability of the campus policymakers to decide whether to get an ATM from Bank of America, Wells Fargo, or any number of other, independent companies seems to have brought the ATM-replacement process to a halt.

Getting a new ATM has been further complicated by the debate over where to put a new ATM in order to keep it from being vandalized again.

We have an answer.

A new ATM should be placed inside, near the entrance to the seating area of the Tea Shop. It would be available to students during all of the Tea Shop’s open hours. Though we would not be able to get cash every second of the day, the ATM would be safely inside and it would be accessible during the busiest hours on campus in the place where people find they most often need quick cash.

Replacing the ATM would be an excellent service to the campus community. Hungry students would be able to get cash to have a meal on campus. Students with small outstanding balances could clear their student accounts before registration when they don’t have the cash on hand or their checkbooks with them. If the college owned the ATM, it could even make some money off the fees, (though we do not endorse this particular idea). Best of all, we could all stop bugging the kind bookstore and post office employees.