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ASMC updates and events

Happy Fall Harvest from the ASMC Executive Board. Here is what
is coming up the next two weeks that ASMC would like to invite
everyone to as well as inform you what we have been planning and
doing for our student body.

Wow, Halloween is tomorrow. For Thursday Oct. 30, we have an
awesome event for the Mills and neighboring community. ASMC is
sponsoring a pumpkin patch and pumpkin decorating from 4:00-7:00
p.m.; the Freshwoman class is having trick o’ treating in Orchard
Meadow and Olney Hall; and CARES and RCO are sponsoring a Halloween
carnival from 4:00-6:00 p.m.

Please come and participate in the fall festivities with
everyone and bring your children and friends too. You will also
have a chance to meet some of your outside community members since
we have invited Mills’ neighboring families to join us. We are
positive this will be a great event.

Another event ASMC is planning to do is a 3-4 day ski trip to
Lake Tahoe later in the school year. Christina Atkielski, the
Program Board Chair and all of ASMC would like to know who would be
interested in going on a trip such as this if it would only cost
you from $0-$30? We would really like to get a good idea about how
many people would be interested in this kind of event so we know
how to plan for it. Please e-mail Christina at
if you are even slightly interested.

The Executive Board would like to enlighten all of Mills that
you are welcome at any time to request a budget print out from us,
which is a report that tells you how all of ASMC’s money is being
spent, or to whom it is going.

ASMC has opened up discussion about refreshing the Legislative
Congress that once existed, due to comments and concerns at the
last Board of President’s meeting on Wednesday, October 15th. A few
ASMC members have volunteered to help begin this process of
determining the new and resumed roles of the Legislative Congress
as well as how and who should it consist of. If you are interested
in hearing more about this or having a voice in this process, look
on Student News for the next meeting time of this committee.

For the old business, the Board would like to congratulate Ebony
Cain, Nancy Jo Turner, and Kat Stavis for putting on a successful
Townhall meeting on public safety. Also, the Executive Board hopes
that you and your friends enjoyed the Pretty n’ Pink Prom.

Remember we are here for you, so come to our office hours,
e-mail us, or sign onto AOL Instant Messenger and add ASMC to your
buddy list. Our screen name is: MillsASMC.