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ASMC Update

Items Approved:

Funding for the Buccaneer Ball to be held Friday Oct. 29 by the
Sexy Pirates. In addition to making this event open to the public,
the Sexy Pirates will be making two donations to charity with the
proceeds from their event.

Partial funding for Maria Acu�a who is presenting a
series of events in honor of the Latin American poet Pablo Neruda.
The events are open to the Mills community and will take place the
first week of November.

The purchase of a button machine to be kept at the student
program room in the Office of Student Life. The button machine will
be available to all of Mills students for their programming and

Partial funding for students going to the Democratic Conference
in Reno. The students attending the conference represent different
clubs and organizations at Mills. Those students attending will be
presenting an information session open to all Mills students with
the information gathered from the conference.

Funding to Global Justice and Second Harvest towards the Oxfam
Hunger Banquet taking place Nov. 16. The Banquet is an event that
promotes awareness to food distribution and hunger around the

Partial funding for Barkada’s fiesta. Barkada presented a
proposal that is open to the Mills community for a fiesta. The
event is in honor of Filipina Heritage Month.

Board Appointments:

The academic, judicial board and Legislative Congress
appointments have been completed. The ASMC would like to thank all
of those students who applied and hopes to include all of the
applicants in our future programs and events.

Board Objectives:

The ASMC has drafted a proposal requesting that the funds
earmarked for Lisa Mc Ripley’s salary and diversity programs be
diverted to the ASMC diversity committee. The diversity committee
hopes the proposal speeds up the process of staffing the diversity
position formerly held by Lisa Mc Ripley. In addition the committee
is devoted to continue diversity programming on campus until the
diversity position is filled.

The ASMC retention committee hopes to voice students concerns
and barriers regarding retention at Mills. The committee members
include faculty, staff, an ASMC student representative as well as
two students at large.

Upcoming Events:

Glam dance November 12.

Legislative Congress has finalized The Weekly budget and
will meet next week to approve the revised Constitution.


Our last report included the approval of the Constitution by
Legislative Congress. LegCon has not yet approved the Constitution.
The fiesta proposal by Barkada was partially funded after the
leader of the organization re-submitted the proposal reflecting the
ASMC protocol for funding requests.

The following protocol must generally be included in any special
funding request: A) The event or program must be inclusive of the
entire Mills community. B) Personal investment towards the event
must be reflected by using club funds, outside sponsorship or
financial collaboration from other clubs or departments. C) The
event must be held in an area accessible to all of the campus
community. D) All of those clubs or individuals interested in
requesting funds from the ASMC special funding are encouraged to do
so. Special funding requests forms are available outside the ASMC