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ASMC student fees rising

After suffering from a budget crunch this semester, the Associated Students of Mills College voted to raise student fees by $6 for each semester next year.

“It is important (to raise fees) because we haven’t raised the fee in seven years and we’ve been working from a budget from seven years ago,” said ASMC vice-president Rachel Kau-Taylor.

Assistant dean of students and ASMC advisor Liza Kuney said the fees have not kept up with the pace of inflation.

The ASMC was 14.7 percent in debt at the start of this semester. It is hoped the increase will help prevent budgeting problems next year.

“We’ll have more leeway with budget needs,” said Marcia Randall, ASMC president.

The total student fees will be $66, which goes to student organizations, dances and lectures. ASMC members said they were trying to be very cost aware during the process.

“Everyone wants to keep cost as low as possible,” Kuney said.

Randall said it was important to keep fees low so that Mills would be as affordable as possible.

The fees will only be raised for next year. If ASMC wishes to continue with the increase, a new vote will need to be held then, said Kau-Taylor.

The ASMC are scheduled to present their proposal to the board of trustees this Friday for approval. Kuney said that the board is expected to approve the measure.