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ASMC plans Halloween

The Associated Students of Mills College discussed upcoming event, Halloween in Olney Scare, the board of treasurers meeting and the new diversity committee news.

Camille Pejaro, ASMC program board coordinator, said because Mills Cares’ only full-time position was cut to half-time, the class of 2006 will be playing a bigger role in the Halloween in Olney Scare.

Pejaro brought the news to the student government, and may ask ASMC to co-sponsor the event if needed in the next couple of weeks.

The class of 2006 is planning to decorate trick-or-treating bags for the children, decorate the Olney living room, and buy candy for the students to pass out. The students who will be available to pass out candy from their rooms will decorate their doors also, Pejaro said.

Also discussed at the meeting was the board of treasurers meeting, which will be held Monday from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the Student Union, said ASMC treasurer Naomi deTablan. At the meeting, deTablan will advise the club treasurers on how to make re-

quests for funds.

Isadora Conant, ASMC diversity chair, brought to the student government the latest news from the educational boards discussion on the general education requirements.