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ASMC members introduce themselves

Now that the school year has gotten fully under way and you’re settled in to Mills life, I’m sure many of you have begun noticing things you would like to change, things that don’t make sense to you, etc. To help you know who to talk to about any topic of interest, the ASMC would like to introduce you to your executive board members.

President, Vice President

The ASMC president is Michele Roberts. Michele is an English major, focusing on writing the young adult novel. In the past she has been a firefighter, a preschool teacher, a waitress, and a reproductive rights activist. As the official spokesperson for the ASMC, she represents us to the administration and Board of Trustees, and keeps us organized.

The Vice president is Jill Habig. Jill serves on the Strategic Planning committee, and helps the ASMC communicate to the students through articles in the Weekly. Jill is a double major in PLEA and French, and is addicted to politics and ice cream.

Lena Lopez is the organizational coordinator for ASMC. She coordinates all of the Mills clubs on campus and runs the Board of Presidents of the clubs. She also takes minutes for ASMC meetings. Lena is a public policy major and an English minor from Sacramento.

Treasurer, Judicial Chair

Naomi de Tablan, the ASMC treasurer, she disburses all of the club’s funds, keeps track of the entire ASMC budget, and tries to keep us from going into debt. She is a PLEA major who loves to ride her yellow bike.

Rachel Kau-Taylor is the ASMC judicial board chair. If you get in trouble for breaking the Honor Code, she listens to yor side of the story and, with the help of staff in the Office of Student Life, she decides what should happen to you. Rachel is a history major.

Isadora Conant serves in the position of diversity chair. She helps raise awareness about diversity issues on campus and foster celebration of diversity in the community. Isadora is a senior.

Historians, Academic Chair

Co-Historian is Michelle Balovich. She studies the history of Mills and records present history for future generations. Michelle is a double major in PLEA and communications, and she also works with the Weekly and the Crest yearbook.

Co-Historian is Christie Fulcher. She is a history major who loves sharing Mills history with the executive board and other students.

Erika Rickard is the academic board chair. She represents students’ academic concerns to the faculty, administration, and Board of Trustees. Erika is a sophomore at Mills, double majoring in public policy and business economics.

Erin Mandeson, a senior in anthropology/sociology, is the alumnae student representative, a position that serves as the liaison between ASMC and the Alumnae Association.

Program, Publicity chairs

Camille Pejoro, a freshwoman PLEA major, is the program board chair. She coordinates ASMC events on campus and helps create a positive social environment on campus.

LeAnna Perez, Co-Publicity Chair, is a sociology major and women’s studies minor. She helps the ASMC get the word out about upcoming events. LeAnna is also on the crew team and Mujeres Unidas.

Megan Wheelehan is the other co-publicity chair. She is a freshwoman crew team member who may major in women’s studies and international relations.