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ASMC Board introduces themselves to the students

This year, the ASMC would like to introduce itself to the
student body and let you know that we are here to represent all
students on campus. We will also have office hours in the ASMC
office, which is off the side of the student union, so that you can
easily be in contact with us. We will post our hours soon.

Your Representatives want to say:

Hello, I am LeAnna Perez, and I am your ASMC President! I am
currently a senior and my major is sociology. I am also a Resident
Assistant (RA) for Ethel Moore Hall. This year, I am determined to
foster stronger communication between students, ASMC, faculty, and
administration. One of my other goals for this year is visibility.
ASMC will have open forums/town hall meetings, a Web site, a weekly
report on the student news, and an article in the Weekly. As a
woman of color, I am dedicated to all issues of diversity and
committed to fostering positive change. As ASMC members, we are
your representatives. We are here to help you shape your community!
I am always open to suggestions, comments, and concerns!! So,
e-mail me @ I am here for you!!

Hi, I am Alexis Nelson and I’m your Vice President. I’m a junior
and a PLEA: legal major. As your VP, I am here to represent you as
a student at Mills. Throughout the year, I will always be available
to listen to your needs, concerns, and ideas to help make Mills
your home and the place where you can feel welcome. So, please
contact me as much as you want. I hope to meet you or hear from you
all soon. Contact me @

Hi, I’m Gloria Espinosa and I’m your ASMC Treasurer! I’m here to
help you about budget concerns and any questions regarding ASMC.
Feel free to contact me @

My name is Irene Florez and I am the Organizational Chair. Part
of my job description is to organize the Board of President’s
meetings for all clubs on campus throughout the year, and keep
minutes for ASMC meetings. Feel free to contact me if you have any
questions or comments that you feel fall under that category.
Currently, I am a sophomore majoring in international

Hi, I’m Sara Dawn Patt and I’m the Historian of the ASMC. This
year, I’ll be documenting what the ASMC does and building and
maintaining an ASMC Web site. You can contact me @
if you have any questions or suggestions!

My name is Erika Rickard and I’m the Academic Board Chair. I’m a
public policy major and this is my 3rd year at Mills. Feel free to
contact me if you have any questions about academic policies and

Hi, my name is Niki Woods and I’m your Finance Chair. You can
contact me if you have budget concerns. I’m a senior and a PLEA
major. You can contact me at

Ebony Cain: Junior, public policy major. ASMC Position: Women’s
Resource Chair. The purpose of my position is to address the
special needs of a woman-centered environment here at Mills. I will
address issues of safety and women’s health issues here on campus.
Plus, I will work to empower others.

I’m Christina Atkielski, the Program Board Chair, a chemistry
major and a senior. I coordinate all ASMC programs, such as dances,
so come to me if you have questions about upcoming programs or the
possibility of co-sponsoring programs. My e-mail is

Hi, I’m Nancy Jo Turner and I am your ASMC Diversity Chair. A
little about me: I’m a history major, ethnic studies minor,
commuter student and a libra. As Diversity Chair, I’m here to serve
Mills students and welcome suggestions and ideas about events and
support they need from me. Please feel free to e-mail me or stop me
on campus if you need anything. e-mail:

CynthiaA.Guevara: anthropology/sociology major; Network student;
Senior; Alum-Student Rep, co-chair. Contact:

Hi, I’m Kat Stavis, one of your Alumnae Student Representatives!
I’m a PLEA: legal major. Please e-mail me at if
you have any questions or concerns you would like related to the
Alumnae Association!

Hi, my name is Sarah Rolfe. I am a PLEA: economics major. I am
the Publicity Chair in the ASMC. I’m very new at this, so if you
have suggestions or questions about advertising and
publicity,please contact me at

I am Dom Padilla and my position on the ASMC is the Elections
& Interviews Chair. My major is anthropology and I’m pre-med.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about
elections at