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ASMC integrates new logo on campus

The new ASMC logo was designed by Mills Junior Sophanarot Sam.

The Associated Students of Mills College (ASMC) has started using its new logo, designed by Mills Junior Sophanarot Sam, in order to improve the group’s visibility on campus.

Along with having her design used as ASMC’s publicity logo, Sam was awarded a $125.00 prize from ASMC.

The design, which depicts the acronym “ASMC” in the Mills class colors with a tree growing out of the “M,” was chosen out of around 8 submissions, according to Kalisi Kupu, Public Relations Chair for ASMC. Kupu presented the ASMC executive board with all of the choices and the group ultimately chose Sam’s design.

“We liked that it incorporated the different class colors,” Kupu said. “It is a good first logo for ASMC.”

Along with writing a new mission and vision statement, ASMC wanted a logo to depict its commitment to the student body on campus.

“ASMC wanted the logo to create visibility and transparency on campus,” Kupu said.

In creating the logo, Sam took into account ASMC’s vision for the design.

“They wanted something professional,” she said. “So I thought, ‘let’s keep it simple.'”

Sam wanted a design that represented ASMC’s role in the Mills community.

“The tree symbolizes the Mills community and it shows that ASMC helps grow it and foster it,” Sam said of her design.

ASMC plans to use the logo for its members’ t-shirts and on fliers for events it supports. The main idea for the logo, said Kupu, is to show the Mills community what it is that ASMC supports, directly or with special funding.