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ASMC ELECTIONS on March 15-16! Meet your candidates


Voting takes place Tuesday, March 15 & Wednesday, March 16 on Student Online Community: Continuing students can also vote at Adams Plaza and Founders.

Email for more info.


Modesta Tamayo

“I will work as a catalyst for change for Mills undergraduates. I promise to bring a love for social justice with me to the position.”

Vice President

Rebecca Freeman
Class of 2013

“I believe that peace, love and optimism can bring empowerment and hope to ASMC and Mills. I believe strength of community and compassion will illuminate the future of Mills. Keep on keepin’ on!”

Kirstyne Lange
Class of 2012
public policy major

“I pledge to continue to enhance the visibility of JAMAA, JAM and the Social Justice Diversity Committee through channeling students’ voice and opinions. I am looking to truly act in students’ best interest while developing greater exposure for ASMC on this campus.”

Janeth Medina
Class of 2013
PLEA major – legal emphasis
4+1 MBA Program

“I hope to meet the needs of the entire Mills community. I hope to have the voice of the community heard and implement ASMC’s vision and values throughout the process.”

Academic Chair

Maja Sidzinska
PLEA major – international emphasis
Philosophy minor

“I believe in the potential of all students to achieve success, as defined by themselves, in the academic realm. Mills students should be meaningfully supported in their endeavors.”

Judicial Chair

Kalisi Kupu

“My definition of a leader is someone who speaks for those whose voices are often pushed aside and ignored.”

Claudia Hernandez

“I hope to bring positive change to the Mills community. I will represent the voice of each student to satisfy our needs in school.”

Public Relations Chair

Soo Choi
Class of 2013
Research psychology major
Child development minor

“I’ll do my best to become a bridge between the Mills student body and ASMC. Transparency and approachability are my main goals.”

Mary Morse Senator

Cathalina Ainzua

“I’ll represent my constituents, voice their concerns and improve their living experiences in Mary Morse.”

Keeley Hansen Driscoll

“My personal mission/vision statement: To live life completely while making a positive impact on those around me.”

Natural Sciences Senator

Monica Bower
Biopsychology major
Environmental studies minor

“As an Academic Committee member and Natural Sciences senator, I’ve acted as a liaison between students and faculty to promote positive changes. I’d love to continue my work with ASMC next year! Your vote, your voice!”

Pilar Stinson

Social Sciences Senator

Sophanarot Sam

“Social justice plays a key role in my life; therefore, I would like to see this represented in ASMC as well.”

Health Senator

Colleen Kimsey

“I want to improve knowledge about and access to Mills health services and knowledge about local services.”

Senator at Large

Jennifer Thao

“I want to have more community involvement and encourage students to speak up for things that are important to them.”

Class of 2012 President

KC Callender

“Coming to Mills has been a great privilege in our lives and graduating is nothing less than a great feat. I hope to keep Mills, especially senior year, a great memory and to really support the Class of 2012 the best I can.”

Jacqueline Elliott

“I want to be a strong and accurate representation of the women of my class. Our class is bright, resourceful, enduring and beautiful in every way. Go Class of 2012!”

Class of 2014 President

Lisann Zenter

“I will work to provide community building activities that will serve our class and contribute to the larger Mills community.”

Class of 2014 Vice President

Daniella Smith

“I pledge to involve the Class of 2014 within itself and to engage it within the greater Mills community.”

Class of 2014 Accountant

Casey Honath

“My goals are to bring the class of 2014 together as one. I will do this by planning more events for the class as a whole.”

Class of 2014 Historian

Brenda Gonzalez

“I have future visions for Mills to make a safer and more comfortable environment for the community.”

Anna Guiles

“I want to help bring together the Mills community by applying the knowledge I gained this year as class historian. I will continue to learn and thrive to make Mills a place for everyone.”

The votes are in! See who are the election winners.