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Ashley Young: Cyclone of the Week

Ashley Young is named Cyclone of the Week by APER. (Courtesy of APER)
Ashley Young is named Cyclone of the Week by APER. (Courtesy of APER)

Second year swimmer Ashley Young was awarded the title of Cyclone of the Week by APER, for the week of Feb. 9.

Young, who swims freestyle and backstroke, dropped 12-13 seconds between the last home swim meet at Mills College and the Liberal Arts Colleges Championships at Coley College in Iowa in a two week period. Before that, Young dropped 12 seconds at Mills’ Senior Day. Young said she was really excited to be named Cyclone of the Week .

“Ashley is one of those super consistent, dedicated workers,” Head Swim Coach Neil Virtue said.

Virtue noted that Young shows up and is willing to swim any event. He tells the team that life is 80 percent showing up and Young does just that.

“She puts the team as a high priority,” Virtue said.

For Young, she said that going to the two meets in Oregon in November was good for her. She broke her personal best time in numerous events and was happy with her overall results.

“Before that meet, I was feeling like I wasn’t really improving as much as I would’ve liked, but I think that was a turning point in the season for me,” Young said. “I had a 100 percent best times that meet. I got to my season goals, which was to swim under 30 seconds on the 50 free [style] and to make the top 10 list on the 50 back [stroke].”

Now that the season is over, Young plans to stay in shape to finish out the rest of the semester. She plans to continue swimming during her junior year.