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Artist’s statement to the Mills Community about installation

To the Mills Community,

I am thinking about the impacts of my decisions, and I have some deep regrets. I apologize for any pain and fear that my actions have caused. I will explain my intentions surrounding this project, and while I know it cannot change what happened, I hope that providing the sketches to the final installation will bring some clarity to what has transpired in the past few months. I take these matters very seriously and please know that I did work through various channels at Mills before and after this incident.

Immediately after hearing of the recourse and response I began meeting with the restorative justice process to participate in an ongoing series of healing circles. I have also met with the Dean. I am open to listening, having conversations and being in dialogue. I hope for healing for those affected.

As for this art project, my intentions were to create a space of tranquility. Ropes were rigged as scaffolding in order to pull cables up through the trees. My intent was to create a space of solace and a sense of calm within nature as an offering for the community as a whole.

This space was made for a collaboration with dancers, musicians and other artists. I was thinking about the ropes through my own experiences, and I now see that in my attempts to create a “safe space,” I directly impacted the safe space of others.

Moving forward, I am thinking about public space, public art, reparative processes and I am listening and learning in a new way. I greatly appreciate everyone who has taken the time to talk with me about this, and I welcome a continued dialogue. I will take what I have learned from this experience into my art practice and into my art communities.

Thank you for taking to time to consider my intentions.

The installation outside of the museum was to be made of steel, cloth and blue powder. The four ropes were intended to pull cables up through the trees. These cables are to support the load of the steel and cloth. The project was just starting and delayed due to the storm.  My intention was never to leave these out for view; the ropes were merely the first step to realize the installation.