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An update from your ASMC

Greetings from your ASMC executive board. This semester we have
been working hard to accomplish our year long and semester goals,
which has kept us very busy. We have been working on a lot of new
projects and events that we hope the Mills community is
participating in and enjoying.

Currently there is a committee working to amend the ASMC
constitution, and during the ASMC retreat we all put forth our
ideas for the new constitution. The new constitution will include
all of the new positions in ASMC and overall be more accurate and

There are also many other committees, such as the one working
with Christina Atkielski (Program Board Chair) to put on the best
yet Black and White Ball. Then there are two other committees
currently working on the March in Washington and getting to know
your ASMC representatives.

Earlier this week the “Get to Know” committee held two events.
One on Monday in Suzie’s/Adams Plaza, called “How to get involved
at Mills,” where most ASMC members attended to encourage students
to run for a position on the executive board for this week. The
second event was “Get to know your current and future ASMC Reps,”
which was yesterday from 5 – 6 p.m. in Suzie’s.

The leading event going on at the moment is ASMC elections for
next year. This is a very important event so please support all of
the candidates, remember the following dates and do not forget to
vote. Petitions were due Monday, March 29, at 5 p.m. in Cowell.
Campaign week also began on Monday and will go until Sunday, April
4. Next, speech day will be on Monday, April 5 in Adams Plaza at
noon, and immediately following the speeches, voting will begin and
be held everyday until Thursday, April 8. Then the new executive
board members will be announced on Friday, April 9. Finally, the
interviews for all of the appointed positions, which are Judicial
Board Chair, Historian, Academic Board Chair, Finance Chair,
Treasurer, and Elections and Interview Chair, will be made within
two weeks of when elections end. We hope that every position can be
filled by the end of this year, and we encourage every student to
get involved at Mills even if they are not on the executive

Lastly, the ASMC board would like to remind everyone that our
meetings are every Monday at 7 p.m., so please join us to discuss
any issues or concerns you may have. Or come to one of our office
hours that we hold every week in our office, which is connected to
the back of the Student Union. You may also want to e-mail us at Hope to hear from you soon and have a great day!

Alexis Nelson

Vice President, ASMC