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An update from your ASMC

– Do not forget to vote TODAY for your new ASMC representatives!
A table will be set up at lunch and in the evening, outside of the
Tea Shop.

– The committee revising the ASMC constitution held a

– A committee, made up of ASMC members, held a meeting to
discuss financial aid and M Center issues at Mills. Also it was
brought to this committee’s attention recently that there is going
to be a new tuition fee of $600 charged to every student for the
fall. This fee is supposedly going to cover Mills Van rides and a
parking permit. However this seems very high and inconsiderate, so
this committee plans on investigating and finding out why Mills is
going to charge students who might not even ride the Mills Van or
need a parking permit the large sum of $600. This committee hopes
to have a town hall meeting about financial aid and M Center issues
soon, but if you have any comments or concerns about this matter
before then, please e-mail or

– BLACK AND WHITE BALL! ASMC will be holding this year’s Black
and White Ball on Saturday, April 17. Tickets will be available for
purchase the week before, at $3 each, outside of the Tea Shop. At
the door, tickets will be $5 each. Please join us for a fabulous

– Sara Dawn Patt has continued to work hard to organize and plan
the trip to the March on Washington for Women’s Rights. Funding
will be scarce but many women who want to go have started their own
fundraising efforts so that they will be able to go and represent
Mills at this once in a lifetime event.

– ASMC voted to co-sponsor the Botanical Ecology Club with the
following event: Sunday, April 4, from 7 p.m. – 9:30 p.m., a group
of activists and science intellectuals will come speak at Mills.
They are taking part in a traveling, west coast tour to increase
awareness about the Biscout fire in Oregon which is being used by
Bush’s forest plan as reasoning for his ‘tree thinning’ and
‘logging after fires’ plan. The activists are also traveling in a
bio diesel bus. ASMC will co-sponsor this event by giving the
speakers an honorarium to cover their travel expenses.

-The board will meet with President Holmgren on April 12 to
discuss new business.