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ACP| Why dressing your best all the time is important

I am not the most fashionable person, and I certainly have no sense of fashion either, but I’ve come to realize how important it is to always be dressed your best at all times.

When I was little, my mom would tell me I needed to dress nicer or look presentable. I hated that. I wanted to wear baggy unflattering shirts, ripped up tennis shoes and my hair running wild. I never imagined myself wearing make-up, heels or dressing up. This past weekend I have done just what I never wanted to do: wear make-up, heels and dress up because I wanted to.

I attended the Associated Collegiate Press conference and packed semi-professional outfits. As I walked around to my different sessions and to my room, I saw others there in suits and dresses — your typical business attire — but I also saw people in everyday outfits, like in weekend and workout clothes.

I didn’t know how I felt about this at first; I mean, we were at a conference where we have a massive opportunity to network, meet potential mentors and professionals! I ask myself, “Why wouldn’t you dress up?”

It hits me: some people just aren’t comfortable dressing up — it’s not who they are — and others, like myself a few years ago, can’t afford to buy business attire.

Let me start by saying that I am all for dressing comfortably and expressing who you are by how you dress. When I buy clothes, the biggest deal breaker, even more than the price tag, is if I feel comfortable and happy with how I look. Whether it’s a dress for a party, regular t-shirt for the weekend or some gym clothes, always make sure you feel comfortable, otherwise you’ll be less inclined to wear it later and actually get your money’s worth.

Like I said, the price tag is another deal breaker. It wasn’t until about last year that I had any nice business attire. That’s only because my mom gave me a lot of hand-me-downs. Now that I am in my second year of college and have managed to save a few dollars, I’ve also been able to buy some more essentials: a blazer from Ross, a shirt on clearance, shoes on sale. Slowly but surely, I am building up my business wardrobe; however, I know this isn’t as feasible for everyone.

On that note, I want to say that dressing your best doesn’t mean you have to follow the new fashion trend. Dressing your best simply means that you should always be happy and comfortable in what you are wearing and how you look. You never know who you will meet.

I am personally glad that I  decided to dress how I did because besides networking, representing Mills College and The Campanil, I also was prepared to be an extra on Caught on Camera with Nick Cannon 

So remember, always dress your best — be comfortable and happy with how you look because you never know who you will meet. How you look should represent who you are and also be what you want.