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ACP 2012 | Photographic Instinct (PHOTOS within)

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In just one day of the ACP conference, I feel revitalized and recharged, ready to get out there and work on my photo skills. I felt so antsy and eager after a few motivational workshops. I set out to capture Seattle through the scope of a lens.

The journey to the hotel was a flight, light rail train ride, and an assuredly peculiar looking trek up the hills of downtown Seattle – all 15 of us, most with our luggage rolling close behind us. The chill makes me miss the beautiful weather we were having on campus. It’s hard to fathom that just a week ago I was lounging on Holmgren Meadow in shorts and a tank top with an iced tea in hand. Here, I don’t dare venture to even the hotel lobby or the conference rooms without equipping my heftiest coat.

After dinner, I looked up to discover we had entered Gotham City!


I’m considering photoshopping a bat signal up there. Looks legit to me.

Today, Seattle has awed me on many occasions. I found a pair of restaurants that I could improvise stories off of for days. Perhaps Bruno’s father is Italiano, and his mother a Latina? Maybe his favorite combinations are pizza and burritos, and he just needed a way to express it! It could be two brothers who keep points based on who enters which brothers’ restaurant!


I digress. Which was one of the topics of conversation in a features section based photography workshop I attended. Fabrication is a no-no, especially in photojournalism. But you can’t fabricate this! What’s your opinion on this wall decal, Mills?


Also, another anomaly that caught my eye. The bay tends to create buildings in a triangle shape, you know, in preparation for earthquakes. Well, Seattle is ballsy. You may not need to worry about the ground shaking, you rainy city, but that doesn’t mean you gotta show off so much…


This beast, and a library shaped like an anvil. The buildings look like they’re going to fall over, or take over the world. This city is trying to give me a heart attack.


This city has grown on me, despite its blistering cold wind-chills, strange artistic concepts of women’s education, and buildings that look like transformers in disguise. I love Seattle, but it can’t replace the Bay or Mills in my mind, that’s for sure.

Already, I’ve gone to workshops that have helped me rethink the features photo and sharpen my readiness for deadline-based news shots. I hope to hone these new outlooks into higher caliber photos for The Campanil and my own personal photographic storytelling. What an amazing opportunity this all has been! I’ll leave you now with a few more shots I got on my quick excursion through the city. Until next time!







Check out The Campanil‘s Tumblr.