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(A very angry) Letter to the Editor: Putin’s puppet

“Putin’s Puppet” (Letter to the Editor)

    Vladimir Putin’s puppet Donald Trump is a political dead man walking.  November 3rd is the scheduled date of Trump the traitor’s political execution which will be watched live on TV by hundreds of millions of happy people both here at home and around the world.  The end of Trump’s tyranny will be the beginning of hope and change for us all.

     Don’t miss your chance to vote for the American presidential candidate Joe Biden. The political demise of demonic Don the con will no doubt be the highest rated reality TV show of all time, so stay tuned, because the voters are about to tell Trump he’s fired!

     It’s all over for Benedict Donald.  Russia’s useless idiot Trump the chump is done.  The American choice for president Joe Biden will be elected the 46th President of the United States in an overwhelming electoral college landslide, not to mention by what is sure to become one of the largest popular vote margins of victory in American presidential election history. 

      Jim Jones Trump’s deranged death cult (formerly known as the Republican Party) is a national embarrassment.  Fortunately, most Americans are good patriotic people who will no longer tolerate traitor Trump’s psychotic circus of incompetence, corruption and cruelty.  This upcoming election is all over but the shouting.  Specifically, the shouting will be coming from the world’s whiniest lying loser Donald Trump with his usual dimwitted and dishonest refrain of “Hoax!  Fake news!”

      The story of the November 3rd election will be America wins, Vladimir Putin loses, and delusional Donald Trump can go inject his lungs with Lysol all he wants, it won’t save his illegitimate, pathological presidency from the wrath of the American people on Election Day.  Trump is a loser and an idiot!


Jake Pickering

Arcata, CA, USA

Dear Mr. Pickering,

My response to you is also a response to the shrinking liberal voter base of America. If you turned off MSNBC and booted up Twitter, you would see that the amount of people satisfied with calling President Trump a “loser and an idiot” is quickly shrinking. As liberals continue to slander the President with ad hominem attacks, it becomes ever more clear that Joe Biden has little going for him in his own right.

As I write this, Jacob Blake has just been shot by police seven times in the back (though thankfully he survived, now handcuffed to his hospital bed), and anti-fascist protesters Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum have been fatally shot by terrorist Kyle Rittenhouse. The lukewarm response from the Democratic party in response to openly fascist calls for authoritarianism from the Republican party has inspired many of the American proletariats to make clear their disappointment, dissatisfaction, and outright abandonment with the Democratic party.

Biden is an advocate for the status quo — and right now, the status quo is the constant brutalization of the Black community by law enforcement. The status quo is good for no one. Beyond the dominance of police in this country, over 500,000 people are homeless; nearly 200,000 have died preventable deaths from COVID-19 under the care of our crumbling healthcare system; the status quo is seeing more wealth inequality than before the French revolution; oh, and the Democratic-majority Congress has just decided to take a vacation in the middle of a pandemic. We are living through late-stage capitalism; workers cannot afford to buy their own products, and the economy is on the brink of collapse. This is the status quo — and no one wants it anymore. The political polarization that liberal pundits like to talk about? It exists, but it’s not between Red and Blue — it’s between the billionaire class and the ordinary Americans they are crushing under their boots.

During the Democratic primary election this year, the DNC revealed their true colors. They are so conservative and so out of touch with the public that they poured all of their resources into advocating for Biden in the most diverse primary race in history, and are risking a likely win from Donald Trump because they were too spineless to support the most popular candidate, all because he was a market socialist. Polls showed that Bernie Sanders would have beaten Trump in a landslide, but now we’re stuck with Biden, who is on track to lose. The DNC is even preparing for a loss, with Hillary Clinton publicly preemptively urging Biden not to concede. Liberals don’t win elections — leftists do. Then, like Obama, Carter, and all the so-called progressives that came before, they campaigned as leftists and governed as liberals.

If you are a straight white man (which I assume you are, since you have sent me no less than five furious letters), I imagine that the election of a Republican president has never materially harmed you more than the election of a Democratic one. And I mean tangible, material harm, not just disappointment that the Blue team didn’t win. 

If you’re not part of a marginalized group, you might not realize why we have so little faith in Biden and the Democratic establishment. We’ve been harmed so many times before, by Republican and Democratic presidents alike. We know that the system will not save us. If you’re not part of a marginalized group, it might also be harder to see that a Democrat will screw you over just as much as a Republican. You must be afraid to lose your faith in a system that hasn’t helped you. 

Ordinary Americans like you have no real stake in this election — not because they are well off, but because the results of this election will not change the material circumstances of anyone. No matter who wins, you and every other American like you will continue to be as disadvantaged as the American working class has always been. 

Even though it seems impossible to imagine, having lived this way for so long, we are not bound by this system, nor are we trapped in it. Our freedoms are not dependent on electoralism — in fact, they are rarely helped by it at all. Electoralism will not solve anything for us, and it should come as no surprise that the Democratic-majority Congress just decided to take a break and go into recess in the middle of a pandemic. It is clear that politicians will not liberate us from the system they benefit from — we will liberate ourselves. 

An America without a two-party system seems scary, but not if we stop hoping that our representatives will take care of us and start taking care of each other. If you’re looking for specifics, I’ve got them. Climate change is starting to take deadly effect and food insecurity reaches across the entire nation. Why not start a garden? Your boss is bleeding you dry and stealing the fruits of your labor. Why not disclose your wages to your coworkers to see what the company hierarchy really is? And why not unionize? Fascist terrorists are storming every city and police departments are collaborating with far-right militias to put down protests. Why not get armed and prepare to protect your neighbors? Police are terrorizing our communities and actively harming the mentally ill, disabled, and the homeless. Why not talk to your neighbors and start a neighborhood watch, an alternative to calling the police if someone needs help? A revolution is coming, and the first step to defeating a government is to make it unnecessary. Luckily, we can start right now. 


Jo Moses

Opinions Editor