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Women at the forefront are making history

With the imminent war coming closer, more and more soldiers are being shipped overseas to fight in Iraq. This war will be like no other war in history because for the first time, women soldiers will be closer to the forefront than ever before.

Although they will not participate in any combat because neither army nor marine women are allowed to do so, there are few women who are presently stationed close to the Iraqi border.

Not even during the 1991 Gulf War were women in as much danger as they are now. There are about 30 women stationed at Camp Coyote which is only about 30 miles from the Iraq border. These women have duties that include moving fuel, water, ammunition, food and mail to the troops.

They conduct their duties with a handgun strapped into their holster and a gas mask slung over their chest.

These women are strong women. They are like Mills women who strive for excellence and push the boundaries set forth by men. These are women working along side their male counterparts for something they all believe in.

The majority of our campus rejects the idea of war and defends its stance against those in support of Bush. Anxiety, restlessness, anger and confusion set the mood throughout Mills.

But for a moment, think about the women overseas at Camp Coyote, and remember that they have broken into the men’s club. Although we do not agree with what they are sent to do, we should appreciate and have it written in the books that once again, women are gaining their equality in our society and proving themselves.

During these uncertain times, let us all keep the soldiers abroad in mind but most importantly the women who are serving our country.

As painful as it is to acknowledge that women soldiers are also being sent to Iraq, let’s remember that these women are also breaking ground in their field.