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Woman held on campus

A woman with a large kitchen knife concealed in her backpack was taken from Olin Library to John George Psychiatric Pavilion after being deemed a danger to herself and others last Tuesday, officials said.

After she was escorted outside the library, Oakland Police officer Jad Jadellah searched her and her belongings, and found a large kitchen knife in her backpack, Public Safety officer Martin Figueroa said.

Jadellah decided to detain her under the Welfare Institution Code 5150, which states that someone is a danger to themselves, their surroundings, or other people.

An ambulance was called, and took her to John George for 72 hours of observation, Steven King, director of Public Safety said.

“A 5150 is when you are a danger to yourself, to others, and are going to hurt yourself,” said Oakland Police Sargent Becky Campbell. “When you go to John George, the maximum amount of time you can be held is 72 hours.”

Jadellah removed the woman from the library after she refused to cooperate with him.

“When the Oakland Police officer approached the woman and asked her name and business she replied with more obscenities,” King said. She was combative and resisted, so the Public Safety officers and Jadellah decided that she needed to be removed from campus.

“When she resisted, the officer effected an arrest-when a person is laid on the ground and handcuffed-and took her out to the patrol car,” Figueroa said. Once at the patrol car, it became clear that she was disoriented.