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Voices from indie press

A panel of six journalists will discuss the role of the independent press during war time on Oct 25 at the First Unitarian University Church of San Francisco.

“[There’s] a lot we can do [as independent press] that mainstream press tends to ignore,” said Adam Hochschild, former editor of the Vietnam-era Ramparts magazine and co-founder of Mother Jones magazine. Hochschild was invited to seek at the panel to speak of what independent press can do because of his experience with Rampart.

“Independent press is more important than ever,” said Hochschild.

Because of major network’s biased presentation of the Sept 11 attacks, many people have turned to independent and international news media, he said.

“We should draw from a variety of news,” said Martin Lee, winner of the 1994 Pope Foundation Award for Investigative Journalism, another speaker at the event.

“Students and adults are to view the media from a critical perspective,” said Lee.

Also included in the panel are Michelle Alexander, Director of the ACLU’s Racial Justice Project and Consulting Professor of Law at Stanford Law School; Farhad Azad publisher of Afghan culture and arts publication; Annalee Newitz, culture editor of the Bay Guardian and regular columnist on technology and social issues; and Julie Reynolds, award-winning investigative journalist and editorial director of Latin magazine, El Andar.

The panel is free and open to the public. It is sponsored by The Independent Press Association, Media Alliance, The National Writers Union (Bay Area Local), and The Unitarian Universalist Just Economics Committee (Democratic Media Taskforce). For more information contact Jeremy Smith 415.643.4401 at ext. 103.