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Vandalism reason for lack of ATM on campus

Amidst college cutbacks, Mills students are enduring another inconvenience this fall: the loss of an Automatic Teller Machine on campus.

In a season when hundreds of dollars worth of books and supplies are required, this poses a significant inconvenience to students. The machine was removed from its former site across from the Post Office after it was vandalized. Vandalization appears to be a recurring problem in the effort to provide this service.

According to Elizabeth Burwell, Acting Vice President for Finance, Administration, and Treasurer, the last two ATMs located on campus have been broken into. In response to the possibility of replacing the ATM, Burwell expressed concern about how to adequately meet students’ needs while protecting the machine.

This dilemma makes replacement an arduous process. Stating, “Don’t look for it tomorrow,” Burwell expected no immediate resolution.

Because the former site of the ATM has allowed vandalism, the Mills administration is considering new locations on campus. Possible considerations include placing an ATM inside a building. While this would provide more security for the machine, Burwell said that it would probably limit students’ hours of access.

Although consideration for 24 hour access is well taken, general consensus among students seems to indicate that a timely replacement, even if available only during certain hours, would be more widely appreciated.

At present, neighborhood ATMs furnish the closest option for Mills students in need of cash. This is due not only to the loss of the campus ATM, but also to a new policy at the book store that allows only five dollars to be given as cash back. In conjunction, these obstacles create a great amount of complication for residential and commuting students, particularly for those without a vehicle.

At this point, an ATM located in the bookstore or tea shop, though limited in its hours of access, would be preferred by many than none at all.