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‘The five D’s of dodgeball:

Photo by Jay Poole

Members of the Mills community ducked, dodged and hurled balls at each other during last Sunday's dodgeball tournament sponsored by Residential and Commuting Life (RCL) and Division of Student Life (DCL). Approximately 50 people gathered in the stands of the Haas Pavilion gym for the event.

Each team was made up of five members. Many of the teams, whose names were the Reds, Fiya, Von Larseners, 3-D and Mills for Life, were thrown together on the spot; some members played with teammates they didn't even know the names of.

The audience ooh'd and aah'd whenever a dodgeballer cleverly sidestepped a fast ball, missed their opponent or was on the receiving end of a particularly hard throw by a member of the opposing team.

The action was punctuated with long moments of stillness when a team would gather in a corner of the court and whisper what appeared to be a game plan, while eyeing the other team out.

The games culminated in a final sudden death re-match between the Reds and Mills For Life, with Mills For Life winning.

Tournament competitors and audience members exited the gym to the strains of "We are the Champions" booming from a set of speakers set up in the corner.

According to Lauren Brown, the primary organizer of the event, students can look forward to a "bigger and better" dodge ball tournament next semester. "It's just the beginning, baby," Brown said.