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Tea Shop machine fixed after weeks of being broken

Brenna Smith

After weeks of not serving any espresso-based drinks, the Tea Shop’s espresso machine is now working again as of 3/2/09 and Café Suzie’s machine is now gone.

The café’s machine was taken out because Suzie’s has become a creperie and will no longer be serving espresso, according to Kelly Alonzo, a barista at Café Suzie’s.

The creperie, which opened on Friday, Feb. 13, serves crepes, cupcakes and french press coffee. It does not serve espresso drinks.
Alonzo said that in order to make room for the creperie equipment, the espresso machine had to be removed.

While the creperie was in the process of opening, the Tea Shop’s machine broke down.
According to Katie Mamlok, a cashier at the Tea Shop, the machine can make espresso, but the milk steamer is broken. No one knows when the steamer will be fixed.

This caused a disturbance amongst some members of the Mills College community, who were used to being able to get a cup of espresso on campus.

“I was pretty upset,” said sophomore Alex Cruz. “I live on campus, and I get a latte almost every morning before class, so when both machines were out of order, it made me have to settle for a regular cup of coffee.”
Some students said they would prefer another place on campus with an espresso machine besides the Tea Shop.

“I prefer going to Suzie’s. The line is shorter, and it’s a lot quieter in there for studying,” said sophomore Tara Nelson.

While she said she’s fine with the Tea Shop, she said that she wants espresso with her crepes. “How am I going to feel like I’m in France if I have to walk across the way just to get espresso?” she said.

Nelson added that the change is also confusing because of the names: “We have a tea shop that doesn’t serve tea, and now we have a café that doesn’t serve espresso.”
Others had a different idea of the effects Suzie’s transformation will bring.

“I’m very happy Suzie’s is going to be serving crepes and paninis because students won’t only have to depend on getting a meal at the Tea Shop,” said junior Morgan Ross, a Tea Shop cashier and barista.

“But I do hope students will be more patient with us if we have to make a drink since we’re the only one with a machine,” she added.

According to Tea Shop barista Rich Fernandez, once the espresso machine is fixed, Susie’s lack of a machine will not affect lines because the Tea Shop
opens earlier.

“With Café Suzie’s now opening at 11:30 a.m., even if they had an espresso machine, they would miss the morning rush,” he said.