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Swimmers Go to the East Coast

Despite the freezing cold weather of the East coast, the Mills College Swim Team traveled to New York and then New Jersey on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 9 and 10, to have one of their most exciting and cheerful swim meets yet.

Although Mills only won one swim competition, in their quad meet on Friday, against St. Joseph, they were able to hold great integrity and spirit, said junior Amal Gaada, an active member of the swim team.

On Friday, the other swim teams, including Manhattan, Baruch, and St. Joseph, were “very nice, good natured, and had really good sportsmanship!” said junior swimmer Jennifer Safreno. “We got a lot of questions from the other teams about Cali and if we were cold, which we were!”

Not only were the teams very sociable and friendly with Mills swimmers, but they were also astonished at how the small size of Mills Swim Team in no way affected their ability to cheer and support their colleagues, said Safreno.

“The other teams told us that we were the smallest, loudest and most entertaining swim team they had ever met,” Gaada chimed in.

The opposing teams got really into supportive cheering with Mills, agreed Safreno and Gaada. “The atmosphere was really positive,” said Safreno. “Everyone was really supportive of one another and we all cheered our hearts out!”

Swimming Coach Neil Virtue agreed, “There was a lot of components that made the trip a success. There was excitment, laughter, challenge, support… it was a successful trip.”