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Students go shoeless

Photo by Lokemele Davis

Butterflies, frogs, stripes, polka dots, sheep and argyle decorated the feet of party goers at the sock hop held last Friday night by the class of 2009. A crowd of close to 25 Mills students kicked off their shoes and sported the craziest pairs of socks they owned to dance, spin and slide across the Student Union's wooden floors.

Every pair of socks seemed to have a story.

Freshwoman Genny Evans, who sported a pair of purple Halloween socks with white stars and green witches with orange hair, said she's had her socks since eighth grade.

"I only wear them on special occasions so they won't get holes in them 'cause I want them forever," she said.

Students took a break from dancing halfway through the night to participate in the "cutest and coolest" sock contest.

Contestants lined up at the front of the Student Union to show off their socks in hopes of winning one of two 15 dollar gift cards to Target while the crowd cheered for their favorite pair of socks.

Sophomore Randyl Pamphlet's daughter Kelly and freshwoman Amanda Page tied in the contest. Pamphlet wore white socks with pink stripes, green heels and toes. Page sported black toe socks with pink toes and glittering silver, pink and blue butterflies.

Rebecca Townsend, freshwoman class president and primary organizer of the event, said she decided to throw a sock hop because she "thought a dance would be the best way to get people to come out."

"I was pleased with the turnout," she said. "It could have been better, but it could have been a lot worse."