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Student seeks College support for queer population on campus

As an all women’s school, it’s no secret that Mills is a very accepting place when it comes to the issues of the Queer community. In fact, that was a factor in my decision to come here. For that reason, I find it incredibly disturbing that I have yet to experience any officially organized events, speeches, meetings, or even words of encouragement or support.

If it weren’t for the student organization Mouthing Off (which meets on Thursdays, contact, I’d feel absolutely left out. While the student mothers have the Mary Atkins lounge, we are left scrambling to find a space to meet. Even the commuters have a designated area in which to relax and socialize. I don’t remember hearing anything about our community while the women of color meeting was going on during orientation. I just don’t understand how a school with such a large Queer population gets away with not acknowledging it.