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Spotlight! A profile of students, faculty and staff

Name: LeAnna Perex

Major: Sociology

Nicknames: John Gotti, Lee, LeAnna Banana, D.L. Perez, and Rosie

Year: Junior

What makes me happy: Pretending I know how to break dance and busting out with my freestyle moves.

Favorite Quote: “Fugget about it.”

Hobbies: Break dancing, knitting, hanging out with my “buddies”, watching movies. My favorite hobby of all: TALKING.

How I like to procrastinate: I like to call friends and act like I have all the free time in the world. I wander around the halls and stare at the ceiling. I can make a really long list.

Favorite place on campus: Cowell, the student activities room because I’m always there. My favorite view is from the log on Prospect Hill. The scene is SO beautiful.

What I would change at Mills: In “my world” I would make Mills’ tuition free. In the “real world” I would try to foster stronger sense of community among all the students.