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Speak out, be heard

Some of you may labor under a misconception that we sit in a smoky newsroom with blinds drawn and doors closed, cackling into our hands and printing letters carefully selected to demean the College as much as possible.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. First of all, smoking is not allowed indoors. Second, we print what we receive. If what we receive are all negative letters, then so be it. Some weeks we receive no letters at all.

We have never claimed to represent the ideas and opinions of the entire Mills community. OurOpinion is just that: our opinion. Letters to the Editor and OpenForum are outside submissions and edited only for grammar, clarity and length.

There is no reason to fear our publication and imply that we are undemocratic or unjust. Our goal as a newspaper is to remain impartial and cover the news. Page two is for everything that’s not news; it’s for your voice. Want it heard? Then send it in and don’t be afraid to use your name. Mills is a place where no one is supposed to be afraid to have her voice heard.

The sad reality is that most people don’t want to write in about things that are going well. People don’t write happy letters about how their garbage gets picked up every week or how lovely the daffodils are this year; they write about things that make them angry or that they want to see changed.

If you are bothered by what you perceive as an outpouring of negativity on our pages, the best way to combat that is by writing your own letters and submitting them to where the appropriate editor will receive them.