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Sick? Stay home

We’ve noticed that there are a lot of sick students on campus right now.

Sniffles abound in our classes, and coughs are as common as that prophetic cold. Nearly half of The Weekly staff members have come down with colds and other illnesses; we’ve been dropping like flies. Even people that have invested a lot of rest and other remedies into getting better have found that their symptoms persist.

Hopefully that’s not because people who should be staying home are coming to class and spreading their germs. We know that a lot of professors insist that a virus is not a valid reason to miss class. While we are here for our education and we know how important it is that we attend our classes, we also need to take responsibility for our health. How much can we really participate in and benefit from our classes if we’re hacking and tired beyond belief as our bodies are fighting off unrelenting viruses and bacteria? We here at the Weekly would like to share some of the solutions we discussed to keep each other and ourselves happy.

At The Weekly, we’ve put hand sanitizer at every desk. Make sure to wash your hands frequently throughout the day, especially after sneezing and coughing. If you decide to take some kind of over the counter medication or herbal concoction, be sure to read the label carefully. Treat only the symptoms you have and always consult a doctor prior to taking any medication or home remedy. Also, do not overtax yourself when you are sick. Get plenty of rest. Drink plenty of fluids.

And remember, even though you may feel your voice is really sexy right now, you should still do your best to get yourself healthy. You never know when what you may continue to pass off as ‘just a cold’ is actually viral bronchitis. If you cannot seem to shake your symptoms, a trip to Tang is probably your next best move.