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Sharpton tells it like it is

Democratic presidential candidate Al Sharpton has not won any
primaries so far, but he maintains that his campaign for the
Presidency is about more than just winning. “It’s about redeeming
the soul of this party,” he said during an appearance at the
University of Missouri-St. Louis.

While most political observers give Sharpton, who was ordained
as a Reverend at 10 years old, little credit, his
tell-it-like-it-is style has kept him in the spotlight. “Sharpton’s
candidacy has had a magical effect on the racial chemistry of the
Democratic dialogue…He caused the white candidates to repeatedly
demonstrate, through their words and campaign schedules, that they
valued black voters,” Glen Ford and Peter Gamble said for The Black
Commentator online.

In his bid for the democratic nomination, Sharpton’s platform
includes four amendments to the U.S. constitution: declaring the
right to vote, the right to education, and the right to health care
as basic human rights, and adding an equal rights amendment for
women. Sharpton hopes to get the U.S. population more interested in
politics, and raise “overlooked” issues, such as affirmative

“I don’t think this country is ready for a president of color,”
said junior Laura Stevens, “But it’s important to have a president
of color.” While Sharpton promises to continue in the race until
the Boston Democratic convention in July, other Mills students feel
doubtful about his chances of winning. “You don’t hear about
him…you hear him mentioned only to say that he’s at the bottom of
the polls,” said senior Corrine Allen.