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Senior class elects new president

Allison Nowak, who was acting as senior class vice-president, won the elections for senior class president.

According to assistant dean of students Liza Kuney, Nowak is planning to hold a meeting at 12:15 p.m. today in which Nowak will discuss the open vice-president position.

“I am hoping to ask the senior class who they feel will work,” said Nowak. She said she would like to have a fairly diverse group.

Emergency elections were held last week in the wake of the resignation of Marly Simmonsd-Abril, who had been the president.

Paula Sanchez also ran for the open position.

There were accusations of unfair campaigning before the elections were held. The senior class had decided against allowing any campaigning.

“I don’t know how substantiated the accusations were,” said ASMC vice-president Rachel Kau-Taylor.

The senior class president helps with fundraising toward the purchase of a senior class gift, organizes the pin dinner and forwards the college president a list of suggested commencement speakers.