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School Daze

It’s still so beautiful outside that it’s hard to believe it’s time to return to the daily grind of classes, tests and papers. We can’t count the times we’ve heard people say how overwhelmed they felt at the start of classes on Wednesday – many still dreaming about their far off vacations in places like Malaysia, Australia and Eastern Europe. So, how do we get through the transition and get back to school?

For students this transition may be difficult. It’s not easy to deal with finding your way around, finding parking before you’re late to your class, and figuring out which professors are so great that you have to find your way into one of their classes before you graduate. Even more nerve-racking is learning where to go in the neighborhood.

The important thing to remember is this campus is not like many campuses where students get lost in the shuffle. Students, faculty and staff have worked hard to make this a friendly campus where you don’t have to be afraid to ask questions or say “hi.”

There are also many services here to help you get to know the ropes. The Mills Web site has maps of the campus, answers to many questions about classes and an online bookstore so you won’t have to wait in the long lines. Don’t stress about computer issues – call Mills’ Computer Help Desk at extension 2005. They might even help you fix your laptop. And if the stress is getting to you, take a walk along one of the many Bay Area trails suggested on the Mills Web site, attend a service at the Chapel or let one of the many music concerts soothe some anxiety.

9If you’re interested in joining a club or The Weekly, Mills’ club day “Explosion” is on September 20. It’s a great way to meet people and find out about organizations on campus. Whatever you may choose the key is to take advantage of the many services and activities Mills has successfully put together for its students.

Instead of mourning the end of summer we’re looking ahead to all the new things this school year will bring. And hey, winter break is just around the corner.