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SAMEAPI, APISA honor Mills staff

A simple question: as Mills students, do we ever acknowledge the efforts that lend to the functioning of our campus as we live and know it? We are quick to complain about the frustrations and shortcomings that occupy our considerations, but rarely do we transcend our negativities to simply appreciate our surroundings.

Consider the following: our halls that are kept swept and vacuumed, the lush gardens around campus, the meals upon which we depend every day at the Tea Shop, Café Suzie’s, and Founders Dining Hall, the speaker systems crucial to nearly every campus event. We pass through our campus without regard toward those who work steadily to enrich our experiences within the Mills community. Let us challenge ourselves to look beyond what we take for granted on the Mills campus and acknowledge the efforts of our campus workers.

As part of the South Asian Middle Eastern Asian Pacific Islander Heritage month, the Asian Pacific Islander Sisterhood Alliance presents a Staff Appreciation Ceremony on Friday, April 25, 9 a.m. in the Student Union. The departments to be honored include: housekeeping, Bon Appetit, grounds, facilities, events staff and audio-visual. We encourage all members of the Mills community to attend and show our communal appreciation for the workers that are so integral to the functioning of our campus.