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Runners fund raise to hike Mt. Tam

The Mills College Cross-Country team is participating in the annual Breast Cancer Fund’s Peak Hike and fundraising $3000 for Breast Cancer awareness.

Senior Dee Montero said, “We are fundraising $250 per team member to participate in this hike at Mt. Tamalpais.”

“We’ve made a great team effort, not just one person Coach Sharon … common goal: raising awareness great challenge

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“The hike is paralelled to the fight against breast cancer;” says Montero, “It is an intense struggle but step by step we will make it to the top.”

“We all agreed over the summer to do it this semester.” said Chiong1 who participated in the Peak Hike on her own last year.

Sophomore? Beth Culig said, “I’m really excited, this will be the longest hike we’ll be doing. Mt. Tam is really beautiful and I look forward to meeting other women fighting for the cause.”

“From a coach’s perspective,” said Chiong, “we are all about having experiences [and] ation.”

She described Peak Hikes of years past as an “emotional atmosphere, hiking with breast cancer survivors and those reflecting on lost loved ones.”

For the past two weeks, the Cross Country Team has been out on the Tea Shop steps every Tuesday and Thursday, during the lunch hour to help fundraise for the hike.

“Everyone on the team contributes in different ways.” said Chiong.

They sell baked goods, t-shirts (for a fraction of the cost of those in the bookstore), and raffle tickets.

The raffle prizes include handmade place mats, sandalwood soap, and a porcupine toothpick holder. All prizes were donated by Senior Shari de Costa who “brought them from home” in Sri Lanka.

The hike takes place on Saturday October 5th.

According to the Breast Cancer Fund’s brochure, 2500 people participate every year. The goal for the Tamalpais hike is to raise $400, 000 total, with hikers encouraged to make $250 each.