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Queer speaker

Leslie Feinberg will speak on April 27 in the Student Union, as a result of the fundraising efforts of Queer it Up! a group of students addressing gender and sexuality.

Feinberg is the author of what many consider to be the handbook for gays and lesbians, “Stone Butch Blues” which won the prestigious American Library Association for Gay and Lesbian Literature and a LAMBDA Literary Award.

Feinberg serves as the managing editor of Worker’s World newspaper and is a national leader of the Worker’s World Party.

Feinberg is well known as an activist who has worked to build a strong bond between the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities.

Since October 1993, she has appeared on the Joan Rivers show and many other television and radio programs. She has spoken at pride rallies and college campuses across the US.

The Queer It Up! women were invited to speak at the national conference in Seattle, where they met Feinberg. She accepted the offer to speak at Mills, and lowered her honorarium to $4,000 to meet Mills’ budget capacities.

President Janet Holmgren, the office of the Provost, and the women’s studies department each donated $1,000. Mouthing Off donated the proceeds of the Fetish Ball, totaling $350, the public policy program donated $300, Amy Kalivas donated $250 and Methven & Associates donated $75. The ASMC gave the remaining $1,025 to cover the rest of the honorarium, hospitality and travel expenses.

Feinberg will be speaking for one hour and will be followed by a presentation of Queer It Up! There will be an opportunity to have books signed.

The event will be taking place on Saturday, April 27, in the Student Union at 2:30pm. For more information, email Stacey Duschl at