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Professors should be applauded

Mills’ small size allows students to have close relationships with our professors. We are to have what students at Berkeley, Stanford and San Francisco State don’t have: one-on-one relationships with the nation’s top educators.

We’re not just lectured by brilliant minds, we work with them, discuss with them and learn directly with them. Our professors are known across the nation and around the world.

Where else could an undergrad study with the sexiest geek alive? Right here at Mills with computer science professor Ellen Spertus, who’s not only sexy but smart. This MIT B.S., M.A. and PhD chose Mills over dozens of other institutions.

The English department has acclaimed Arab-American poet Elmaz Abinader who has been twice recognized for her book “The Poetry of Arab Women.” Fellow poet Chana Bloch, who has won the Fullbright Award, is known to leave messages on her students’ answering machines.

We have Diana E. Russel, emeritus professor of sociology, who has written three books on pornography and is working on a fourth regarding child pornography. At the art studios, students work closely with Time magazine featured Catherine Wagner developing their conceptual skills in photography.

Next door, honorary PhD, feminist art historian, and critic Moira Roth cooks dinner for her students when she’s not teaching them. And who better to teach the tricks of the trade better than San Francisco Opera make-up artist Richard Battle?

The music department has composers Pauline Oliveros, Maggie Payne, Fred Frith and John Bischoff, who are always pushing the bounds of music with our students. In addition to these three are Louise Carslake, founding member of the baroque ensemble Music’s Recreation and Geraldine Walther, the San Francisco Symphony’s principal violist since the 1976-1977 season.

There are more to add to the list of brilliant and dedicated professors Mills has to offer. Because Mills is a liberal arts college, it encourages us to explore all academic disciplines. Take advantage of our intimate classes and take time to appreciate our faculty.