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Professor defends study of religion at Mills

Dear Editor,

Nichole DaSilva observes correctly that Mills does not have a Theology department (“Student defends Princeton Review’s take on Mills,” 9/22/05.) Nevertheless, the College faculty does recognize that the cultural, spiritual and philosophical aspects of religion are valid areas of study, and we provide students with opportunities to study religions and religious experience.

For example, the Philosophy department offers a class on the philosophy of religion. Dr. Robert Anderson regularly teaches his course, “Magic, Witchcraft and Religion,” Dr. Judith Bishop has offered classes on feminist theologies and the role of women in western religious traditions; and many other courses treat the literature, art, history or sociology of religion. In addition, the Philosophy department and Office of the Provost are looking to expand our offerings in religion.

Generalizations about the religiosity or liberalism of the Mills community aside, the College is committed to supporting students in all their intellectual and spiritual pursuits.

Marc Joseph

Associate Professor & Chair

Department of Philosophy