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One-of-a-kind art provides unique gifts for friends

These sites offer a variety of products that support the art community.

Little Paper Planes (
Little Paper Planes is a Web store run out of Los Angeles and sells a myriad of arts and crafts, from things to hang on your wall to bags to zines. Their prints are especially great: limited editions printed and signed by the artists, and most are under $50. What better gift to give than a piece of original artwork?

Pushmepullyou Design (
Designer Eleanor Grosch does it all, from stationery to shoes to concert posters. Especially great are her animal prints, cute enough for a kid’s room yet elegant enough to hang over the couch. It’s not a surprise that someone who would name their business after Dr. Doolittle’s famous two-headed llama would also bring a fun twist to her graphic representations of everything from an extinct dodo bird to a bear reaching for fish. At $20-$30 a print, these make a great gift for anyone, your baby niece or your grandma.

Buy Olympia
Buy Olympia sells music, t-shirts, children’s books and handmade stuffed animals created by artists in the Northwest. Nikki McClure’s poster series featuring images of people with themes such as “voice,” “congregate” and “return” would be perfect for your co-op working roommate. At $35 for six prints, it is the perfect gift. Your musician brother will love albums put out by indie labels such as “Punk in My Vitamins” and “Kill Rock Stars,” including ones that come in vinyl.
This is the perfect place to shop for the alternative people in your life.

Small Stump
Small Stump is a design studio run in Pacifica by two friends and it sells

a mixture of handmade items, a few new products, and vintage finds. Best gift?
The “oh small stump I love you so.”
Made out of silkscreened fabric, these stuffed stumps are a great way to bring a little of the (fake) outdoors into your home. Stuff one in your mom’s stocking for only $15.

Art School Dropout (
Art School Dropout sells fabulous jewelry that you won’t see anywhere. The twig necklace is only $13, and the perfect gift for that friend who would rather be hiking than wearing a cocktail dress.
Your sister who sewed her prom dress will love the button earrings ($5) and the alligator ring ($7) is just the thing for the girl who never wants to grow up.