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OM pushes agenda

Armed with t-shirts reading, “Hands off the World” and an eye catching George W. Bush

puppet, Organizing Mills,urged students to get involved and contact their senators about the

possible war on Iraq.

OM prepared fliers including a sample letter to Senator Diane Feinstein with an anti-war

stance and containing the “Not in Our Name Pledge of Resistance.” With these tools, a

group of 13 students boarded and used the local Oakland busses and BART to speak out

against war, despite minor complaints from passengers.

“It was good to see so many people putting in the commitment when they realize that it’s

important and necessary.” said Shasta Norris, member of OM. “It was good to see many

people putting in the commitment whe-

see Rally, page 4

Their final destination was the protest rally in San Francisco’s Union Square. Marching

from Powell Street, despite frenzied tourists waiting for the cable cars, hundreds chanted,

“No Blood For Oil” on their way to the mass convergence in Union Square. Over 8,000

protesters ranging from infants to the “Raging Grannies” joined together expressing hope

the future. World flags representing internationalism could be seen amidst satirical protest

songs sung by the “Raging Grannies” and a sign stating, “George Senior should have

‘pulled out’ sooner.”

Poets and activists alike raised their voices in a collective protest of the “injustices

committed by our government in our name.”

“I kept thinking of all the people out there who are against the war and who weren’t there,”

Freshwoman Nuria Gomez said. “Our government is set up to convince people that their

voices don’t matter. How do we get to those people and get them out from just mentally

opposing the war in silence?”

According to OM, one solution is getting active and demanding your voice be heard by

house representatives, as well as educating others.

“War is an easy way for oppressors to perpetuate situations of oppression,” said peace

activist, Anke Davern. “The government uses fear and rhetoric to pacify us. We will all be

more effective if we fight these together and with unity… Let our representatives represent

us to make improvements.”