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Now The Campanil: paper enters a new era

Welcome back Mills! The fall semester of 2007 brings a whole new class of women and so many other dramatic and complex changes to campus. None of us can fail to notice the stark nothingness where the heavily-debated Eucalyptus trees once stood. Equally eye-catching is the beautiful, new Natural Sciences Building that had been under construction for the previous year. Our food services have also been revamped, taking on a whole new look-and taste-as some students have noted. Even our bell tower clock seems to be tolling closer in tune to Pacific Daylight Time.

Not to be left out, your student newspaper has undergone some changes too, and we look forward to this semester as being a time of transformation for us. As we hinted at last semester we’re flying a new flag; we are the paper formerly known as The Week-ly and now known as The Campanil.

We are retooling ourselves to have a stronger and more meaningful presence on campus, and thereby we are launching a new name to fit a different era. We are living in a new age of technology that is transforming journalism and media, making it more easily accessible, current, and tailored to its audience. Mills has always been an institution that demands to keep up with if not stay ahead of the times, and we believe that its newspaper should follow suit. We are in the process of expanding our website to include video and radio reporting, and rapid updates about issues that affect the community.

Selecting a new name for the newspaper has come after one and a half years of discussion. The decision was not made on a whim. The historic Campanil that we have on our campus was the first reinforced concrete structure of its kind west of the Mississippi. It is central to the identity of our campus, we hear it chime faithfully everyday. We want Mills’ newspaper to be a central piece of our campus identity as well, and we want the community to view the newspaper as a constant on campus that is inclusive of everyone. We also want to invite the Mills community to share their ideas for expansion with us. Please e-mail with any comments or ideas.

Just as we promised last semester, regardless of our name we will always be committed to giving Mills students, faculty, and administrators a fair and honest voice. We’ll be keeping in time with the Mills community and sounding its news campus-wide.