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New tennis coach brings commnity to Mills courts

In an attempt to make the tennis facilities more welcoming and inclusive, Mills’ new tennis coach said he will focus on community outreach by bringing tennis to kids and adults in the Mills and Oakland community.

Head tennis coach Marc Weinstein, who arrived this fall, is opening the tennis facilities and welcomes community involvement by teaching tennis classes to the kids and adults of Mills and Oakland. “There are 10 adult tennis teams at Mills. I will be working with them more closely than Mills’ coaches have in the past,” said Weinstein. He will also begin US Tennis Tournaments Association tournaments at Mills.

Weinstein has been playing tennis for 30 years. He started playing when he was 15 years old during the 1970s tennis boom. ” I started playing the same time as my parents,” said Weinstein. “My parents were just beginners, I picked it up with them.” Besides tennis Weinstein also competes in ultimate Frisbee.

Weinstein has coached national caliber juniors and collegiate players, but most recently he has been coaching tennis at a club in Marin. Weinstein said he started playing tennis at public parks in the diverse culture of New York. He said he was excited to be back to teaching college students in a more diverse community.

Weinstein said he was excited to be at Mills, “I love the experience here,” he said, “and I work with supportive, high energy people.” Weinstein’s colleagues feel that he has made some good changes to the tennis facilities.

“The facilities are more welcoming,” said Wendy Franklin-Willis, head rowing coach, “there are positive changes in the tennis court environment and he brings a lot of enthusiasm to the program.”

Weinstein added ambience to the tennis facilities with flowers, a new shade covering and also painting the chairs and tables.

Weinstein describes his teaching approach as being infused with humor and trying to teach students to relax. “I use humor,” said Weinstein, “I definitely focus on the fundamentals, but do not over teach.” Weinstein wants his students to come out of tennis with a joy for the sport. ” People having fun create an environment of learning.” said Weinstein.

Tennis students and tennis team members enjoy Weinstein’ s humor and teaching style. “I like him, said junior Nancy Rothstein, “he’s got a good sense of humor and gives good feedback.”

Weinstein describes tennis as a type of moving meditation. “Tennis for me is the dance of the sport rather than competition,” said Weinstein. The joy of tennis is having long rallies, keeping he ball in play and having a cooperative endeavor with the other player.

Tennis student Lori Schenderlein, sophomore said, “I think (tennis) is a good stress reliever.”

With the tennis season starting in spring, Weinstein said he believes this year’s team will be good with returning and new players.