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News Update: Wells College

As prospective male students begin to visit Wells College and the number of students protesting the school’s decision to go co-ed decline, students and parents have banded together to take legal action against the college.

The Board of Trustees at Wells, a private all-women's college in upstate New York, announced their plan for the school to go coed in early October, resulting in an uproar among students, alumnae and parents.

While opponents of the school’s decision are still in dialogue with the College, members of Save Our Sisterhood, a group formed in reaction to the Board’s decision, and Wells College Parents Association, are raising money to take unspecified legal action against the school.

This action comes after 22 percent of the student body voted “no confidence” in Wells President Lisa Marsh Ryerson on Nov. 1, in a poll conducted by the Collegiate Cabinet.

Wells has been a women’s college since 1868, but had struggled to surpass an enrollment of 400 for the past 20 years.