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New ASMC President

The elections are over and many positions have yet to be filled.
Michele Roberts won the presidency over Rachel Kau-Taylor by two votes. Jill Habig was elected vice president and Isadora Conant was voted diversity chair in unopposed campaigns.

In addition to the three who were voted into office, Erica Rickard is running for academic board, and Michelle Balovich and Christie Fulcher are running together for the historian position, said Randall. These positions still need to be confirmed. And unless they are not confirmed, people cannot apply for them.

RenZe Byrd is also petitioning to keep her position as elections and interview chair. “I felt a moral obligation to keep the position instead of leaving the board as it is,” Byrd said.

The positions that have yet to be filled that are elected positions include organizational coordinator, program board, publicity chair, alumnae student representative, and the womenOs resource chair. The appointed positions that still need applicants include judicial board chair, finance chair and the web master.

To get one of the appointed positions, a student needs to fill out an application and turn it in to Cowell or Byrd. After the applications are received, there is an interview process that includes the new president, vice president, Byrd and the outgoing chair holder, said current vice president Rachel Kau-Taylor.

The positions are good experience for the student as many of them are related to specific majors and areas of study, said Byrd. “I will personally recruit from the different departments, and many of the applicants and officers are holding positions that relate to their majors, such as Isadora who is an ethnic studies major.”

The general feeling of the current ASMC members is that next years board will be strong and will represent the students well. “I sense a very strong, good year ahead,” said assistant dean of students Liza Kuney.