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Moore on election ’04

Mills College Weekly

Touring for his new book Dude Where’s My Country, Michael
Moore spoke to an enthusiastic and sold-out crowd at the UC
Berkeley Greek Theater on Saturday Oct. 18 on issues ranging from
the superiority of Canada to abortion. But most pointedly, he spoke
about the end of the “angry white guy” era, which he predicts will
start with the impending fall of George W. Bush and his

According to Moore, it is America’s unassuming liberalism that
will bring about this fall.

“They have done such a good job convincing us that we live in a
country full of red-neck Republicans, conservatives, right-winger
Christians…when just the opposite is true,” Moore said.

“According to every mainstream public opinion poll, the majority
of Americans are now pro-choice, [they] want stronger environmental
laws, want higher minimum wage, and support affirmative action. The
American people are liberal on the issues.”

Moore stated that almost two-thirds of the voting electorate are
women of color, and that the “angry white guys,” i.e. conservative
male republicans, are sensing the shift of voters to more liberal
candidates. Moore expounded further on the new shift by stating
that the Republican party moved to the left in the California
gubernatorial election, and that Schwarzenegger was only able to
get elected Governor by being an “imitation Democrat.”

While the crowd roared in approval at Moore’s revelation, he
continued by saying that our country has much room for improvement.
Moore said that we live in a system of “enforced ignorance,” whose
media and political leaders try “to keep the people as stupid as
possible,” and in this kind of environment it is “very easy for
[Americans] to be manipulated with lies and with fear.”

However, Moore said that it is much harder to lie to Americans
today than it was in the past.

“Once a few people in the media start to do their jobs, and
because we have so much information we can share with each other on
the Internet…and alternatives available to us, they can’t pull
the lie off anymore,” said ‘Moore.

In reference to the 2004 presidential election, Moore cautioned
the audience to stay clear of the “anyone but Bush” mindset.

“There’s not going to be a third party candidate…it’s not
going to happen. So, that means we have to make sure that the right
Democrat is on the ballot…if [the Democratic candidates] perceive
us to be on the line of ‘anybody but Bush,’then they’re not
encouraged to take better, stronger positions,” said Moore.

Instead, Moore said that now is the time to tell the candidates
how we feel.

“We need to call their headquarters. We need to send them
emails. We need to tell them they’ve got to take these positions or
they’re not going to get our vote…this is when we have that
power, we have to do that right now,” said Moore.

Moore- well known for his anti-war stance- received cheers from
the audience when he spoke about the ” lies that the Bush
Administration fed us to gain support for the war.” He became
flustered and almost teary when speaking about young Americans who
sign up for military service, willing to die to serve their country
who are then killed in a war which started under false

Moore stated that he was hopeful that Americans were becoming
more liberal along with trying to change things they disagree with.
According to Moore, we are witnessing “the end of the 10,000 year
reign of the angry white guy.” He concluded with direct anger at
the Bush Administration and the war in Iraq.

“It’s all over, George W. Bush. It’s all over for you.”