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Mills welcomes new director of Student Activities

Elizabeth Clayton

Mills College’s new director of Student Activities, Courtney Young-Law, has a long list of references and many plans for student life at Mills.

Young-Law, who was hired over the summer, chose to work at Mills because of its “commitment to women’s education and the opportunity to see the full range of women that are here, exploring all different types of learning.”

Also, she said she was excited about the small campus and its people; people such as Joanna Iwata, who she said was “so engaging” and talked of “moving student life to the next level.”

“I’ve found Mills to be an incredibly warm and supportive environment,” said Young-Law. “Every new Mills woman I meet reaffirms my decision to be here.”

Young-Law has had student programming and student affairs positions at several universities, including University of San Francisco, Tufts University and Stanford prior to becoming director of Student Activities at Mills College.

The director of Student Activities oversees orientation, advises ASMC clubs and organizations and helps with event planning for major campus events such as dances, guest speakers and awards.

Young-Law fell in love with student affairs during her undergraduate students at the University of Texas, where she was very involved in student government and was an orientation advisor for three summers. She graduated with a degree in journalism.

“I wanted to become a journalist because I love interacting with people,” she said. “But after a while I realized that I was mostly interacting with a machine-the computer on my desk.”

Communication is a large part of Young-Law’s plans at Mills. “I’m really interested in connecting with the students and communicating clearly with the students,” she said. “My goal for Mills student activities is to foster a sense of community on campus and a campus life that is as rich and vibrant as the women who live and go to school here.”

“My office will be very integrated with student life and culture,” she said.

Young-Law’s plans also include more campus-wide programming. Two weekend programs are in the works, and themed programs coinciding with the new Living Learning communities are also being planned. Programming “pods” consisting of RAs and resuming/commuting assistants are also planning programming along the lines of resumers/commuters, “destination Oakland,” community service and more.

On top of several goals she has set for herself, one is to learn every student’s name by the end of the year. So far, says Young-Law, she’s learned about a hundred.

When asked if there was anything she wanted to relate to the Mills students, Young-Law said, “Yes! I’m moving offices!” Beginning September 1 she will be in the Rothwell Center, rooms 167-168.

Young-Law also added that clubs and organization registration is currently underway. Forms are available at Cowell.