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Mills volleyball

Mills College Weekly

The Mills volleyball team beat Caltech during their first
official match of the season. On Sunday, September 14, the team won
three out of a five game match.

The Mills Volleyball team is “starting off better than they did
last year and are getting consistently stronger,” according to
Assistant Coach Kara McCafferty.

“Our team is really great. We have some great talent and are
hoping that the Mills community will come out and support us this
season,” said Leanne Olsgaard, who is one of three seniors who have
been on the team every year that they have attended Mills.

The team consists of eight returning players and three new
players. Megan Miller, a returning player, noted that practices are
going very well and that the new players are great additions. “They
all add new, fresh dynamic and they are great people,” said

Coach Marla Mundis said that the team showed improvement after
the first week and hopes that “we can create the highest level of
team cohesion.” Her other goals for the team are personal growth,
athletic development, and, most of all, to have fun. Mundis also
said that she believes that this will be an amazing season for the

Amy DeCoux, a returning player, attributes the team’s
improvement to the fact that they are taking challenges as a team
and individually more seriously, and that that has strengthened
their team work.

As a bonding experience, the team participated in a ropes course
at the end of the second week of the semester. This activity
brought good team development and communication.

According to DeCoux, “It showed the different sides of people
and brought out their different colors.” She also said, “We don’t
have the numbers, but we have the most dynamic team I have seen at

The team showed how dynamic they truly are Friday, during the
traditional scrimmage, kicking off the season against the Mills
alumnae. Though the alumnae won, it was a very close match. The
current Mills women showed how strong they are as a team and how
much team pride they have.

“The alumnae are always a challenge, but they bring so much
wisdom to the court because you know that you will be in their
place one day,” said DeCoux, before the match.